Turbo Shredder

Kill secret data!
Do you want to delete some top secret files? DON'T do that by only pressing DELETE, because the data would still be on your drive! Use TurboShredder and remove files by securely wiping them out.

How it works
TurboShredder overwrites files, file names, directory names and the modification time of files up to 100 times before deleting the files. The data can be overwritten with zeros, ones, random data or with the Peter Gutmann algorithm.

You can easily run TurboShredder in the commandline like this: java -jar TurboShredder.jar [Options] [file1, file2, ...]
Use: [file, file, ...] [options]
no options: GUI mode
-gui GUI mode
-v Graphical progress monitor in command line mode.
-f Force file deletion.
-p[1,2,...] Number of passes. Default = 2.
-m[method] (zero, one, random, securerandom, gutmann). Default = random.
-z Add a zero pass at the end.

You shouldn't use TurboShredder if your data is saved on a SSD. Writing cycles on SSDs are limited, so the controller tries to utilize the memory evenly. It's impossible for software to control where the data is physically located on a SSD drive.

Requires Java JRE 7!

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